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ZOK Bulgaria Zdrave

"BULGARIA HEALTH HEALTH COMPANY PLC is a licensed company for additional voluntary health insurance / License 3 issued by the Financial Supervision Agency of 13.04.2004 on.


1404 Sofia
83A Bulgaria blvd.
tel.: 359 2 401 3632
        359 2 401 3633
        359 2 401 3634
fax: 359 2 401 3650
e-mail: office@bgzdrave.bg
web: http://www.bgzdrave.bg

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ZOK Bulgaria zdrave offered medical services in a separate health insurance packages. Depending on the type and volume of medical services, their value and limit the use of their packages are offered at different levels of content coverage - minimal, basic and advanced.

Package outpatient care includes: preventive screening, free choice of doctor and treatment facility, all necessary assistance to the coordinator ( "trusted doctor") of the Company, and outpatient consultations in home, clinical laboratory and highly specialized research, treatment, physiotherapy and systematic rehabilitation and medical monitoring.

Package "Hospital care includes: preventive screening, diagnosis and treatment in all clinics and departments of the national centers, university hospitals and specialized multi-profile hospitals for active treatment and rehabilitation.

Package combined medical care "is the sum of the previous two and covers specialized outpatient and hospital care.
ZOK Bulgaria health provision for reimbursement of costs incurred by insured persons to purchase goods, medicines, supplies and paid for medical services.

Zdravnoosigurenite persons receive a personal health card from the company, ensuring direct contact with the "trusted doctor" - a coordinator and all medical institutions. Prices of services are formed depending on the selected health insurance packages and level of insurance coverage.




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