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Blacksea Gold - Pomorie


1404 Sofia
83A Bulgaria Blvd.
tel. : 359 2 818 9737
fax:   359 2 818 9682
e-mail: office@festawine.com

8200 Pomorie
Industrial Zone
tel.: 359 596 35 701
        359 596 32 351
fax: 359 596 32 160
        359 596 32 163
e-mail: office@bsgold.bg

Products and Markets

Both wineries produce and sell about 15 mln.butilki year. The internal market is governed by well-established network of over 50 distibutora and efficient logistics system. Black Sea Gold is a traditional export partner incredibly diverse markets. Pedantically in terms of quality and irremovability Japan (which work more than 10 years), USA, Germany and France traditionally strong partner to Russia, which is increasingly perceived the culture of drinking quality dry wines. In addition to these traditional partners, Black Sea Gold has a strong presence in the dynamic markets of Poland, Pribaltika, Czech Republic, Slovakia, which is currently developing its own unique wine culture.

The most popular products and the presentation of VINARIA 2008

Investbank Chardonnay GP Golden Riton

Wine of controlled and guaranteed origin (Pomorie)
First implemented in 1995 as a creative experiment of two talented wine, Chardonnay GP combines diverse talents to me a really great wine. Provide a sense of apple, grapefruit rind and mineral purity that grapes can acquire only in the region of Pomorie, GP indulgent Chardonnay with vanilla, obtained from fermentation in oak barrels, and incredible, distinctive flavor just for him to toast bread, which give him great balance and zagladenost. This wine with a very durable finish leaves a pleasant feeling long after you preglatnali.
At the beginning of its creation Chardonnay part of the GP race in France for the best Chardonnay in the world and won third place. Then this series of wines won three Gold awards for three consecutive Riton Vinaria exhibitions (2001, 2002 and 2003) - top quality and consistency that no wine in Bulgaria and is not even to think again. Without any advertising Chardonnay GP is appellative years for white wine from the highest class, and is invariably associated with the quality of white wines from Pomorie. Currently Chardonnay GP for the fourth time has won the highest prize of Vinaria 2008 and will be submitted to the market in limited selection of just 7 000 bottles, each with an individual number, and distinguishing inscription - Golden Riton Vinaria of 2008.

Investbank Bourgas 63, Bourgas 63 barrel: carefully selected whole grains Muscat Ottonel and small amounts of Hamburg, together with mastery of Bourgas master these spirits are turned into true legends. No wonder that all the spirits of a series win 63 gold medals at Vinaria 2008 and the first ever award of Large Gold Medal Award and Honorary Diploma of Vinaria 2008 for Brandy Bourgas 63 barrel.

Pomorie is home to the highest quality wine brandy Bulgaria - Black Sea Gold XO 33 aged under constant care in oak barrels for at least 39 years and evaluated with two silver medals in Vinaria 2008.
Of 2008 VINARIA Pomorie Black Sea Gold Corp. presented its wines from harvest 2007: the traditional white - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Blanc and June Traminer and red - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Thracian Mavrud (Evmolpiya) Black Mavrud (Kachivela) and Sirah.

Especially interesting are the wines produced by micro-wine from hand selected grapes harvested in crates and then treated in a very small vinifikatsionni vessels: thus the grapes can show its full potential. This is the most famous wines of France, Italy, Spain and the United States.

Program of the Black Sea Gold mikrovinifikatsiya means new products in the premium and super premium segments. These are great quality wines ednosortovi bearing nature of the terroir of the Black Sea that is harvested grapes: freshness and mineral notes in the white wines and juicy, with ripe red fruit.

Furthermore coupage develop wines that will combine the strengths of several varieties in excellent blend. French has long used the mixing of different varieties of wine to produce unique products, some of which are the most expensive wines in the world. The same technique is used in a series of Pomorie Ponte Villa with the help of consultants from Italy - Mr Federico Ritchie and France - Mr. André Fuster. Villa Ponte in white freshness of Sauvignon Blanc is complemented by juicy fruit and zest of Pomorie Chardonnay fermented in oak barrels. Villa Ponte red in virtue of Cabernet is alleviated from the south Sirah fruit variety and great taste it is rated a gold medal Vinaria of 2008.

Our newest products - Fyume Blanc (Fumé Blanc) are Nobilitas and white wines from the super premium category, which are already on the market. Super-premium red wine of the Black Sea Gold is Brandy Cask Special Reserve.



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